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Crowdfund Democracy!

If money is speech, then the vast majority of the electorate has no meaningful voice in our government.


As this fact becomes increasingly apparent within our society, CivX has launched to provide a solution before apathy can wage an even more destructive toll on our civics process. 


CivX is a mobile platform that gives the electorate an opportunity to pool resources to promote legislation at the federal level.

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What is CivX

Crowdfund political campaign donations to congressmen according to specific legislation You support or oppose.

  • Search through all of the Bills being considered by Congress​

  • Support only the candidates that support bills You support or oppose to help insure they get re-elected ​

  • Track Legislation from Committee all the way to the President's Desk!

  • Share your favorite pieces of legislation to multiple social media platforms


How to Use CivX


Download Now!

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