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A New Paradigm for Civic Engagement

Easy-to-use mobile app that makes every smartphone user an informed lobbyist.


With the CivX app, users can:

  • View the entire library of bills proposed by Congress

  • Stay notified of bill progress with custom bill tracking

  • Seamlessly take a position by swiping to support or oppose bills

  • Share bills of interest through text and social media

  • Make monetary contributions to support or oppose bills

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Sign Blur

Browse trending bills curated by CivX based on relevance in the news cycle.

Search the entire library of proposed legislation (across 100+ categories).

Create a unique profile and set push notifications to track bill progress.

View custom CivX video content on bills related to hot-button issues.

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Educate Yourself on Proposed Legislation

Take a Position by Swiping

Custom bill cards for all docketed legislation in Congress.

Swipe-right to support or swipe-left to oppose bills.

Keep track of your position (or change your position).

College Friends

Share Bills Through Text and Social Media

CivX can be integrated with Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Users can share bills of interest on social media news feeds or via text.

Drive awareness of bills related to pertinent social, economic, health or other issues.

Opportunity to make legislation GO VIRAL.


Contribute Money to Support or Oppose Bills

Unique and innovative way to make political contributions.

Platform for users to signal what legislation in Congress they strongly support or oppose.

Opportunity to generate awareness for legislation that could impact daily life.

Reward lawmaking ACTION by elected members of Congress​.


Download Now!

download link from the app store